Ninja Pinner: Pinterest Automation Tool for More Followers, Contributors, Likes, Comments and RePin

Amazing Ninja Pinner First Pinterest Bot for Effective Automation.
Voted the #1 Pinterest Marketing Bot. Grow Your Pinterest Followers Fast, Get Popular, and Make Sales. Mass comment, Pin and Like. All In Automation.

Using this Ninja Pinner Automation Tool, My Vibranz Health Pinterest Profile gain 15,000 followers in 22 days. From 10,114 followers in Jan 2 2013 to 25,072 followers in Jan 24. 2013.15,000 followers in 22 days.

To automate the tedious process of getting more Pinterest followers, likes, making comments and inviting pinners to join my group board, I use Ninja Pinner as the top automation tool. I use group boards to grow my followers. My Natural Remedies group board grow within 2 weeks with these stats:

5,065 contibutors, 9,554 followers and 3,414 pins
All automated with Ninja Pinner Automation Tool.

Pinterest Mastery’s Group Board-Pinterest Humor Logo. Small Size. Image size: 100x100px

Pinterest Humor, a 11 Days Old Group Board, Fast Growing Board Testimony


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