Pinterest Resources Group Board Rules

Pinterest Resources Group Board Rules. In a short 6 days span, I aggressively grow my new Pinterest Mastery’s Pinterest Resources group board from zero to a nice and satisfying size with these stats:

Group Board Contributor:3,183
Group Board Followers: 3,917
Group Board Pins: 422
Without using any automation tool, I may take up to 3 months to achieve that using the same strategy that I use now.

I use group board to get contributors by inviting them manually to join the board. One person at a time. Very time consuming and tedious task. If 100 contributors join my board, my group board would be displayed in 100 of the contributor’s profile.

This is real leverage for my exposure. This will help me to gain followers and contributors passively in automation.

I am so excited that I have used Ninja Pinner since Jan 2 2013 to automate just this part of inviting people to join my group board as a contributor. With the superb simple automation, all with just a few clicks and it wi


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