SociSynd Feed Campaign Guide

The SociSynd Feed Campaign Guide provides the comprehensive guidance notes on how to effectively use the SociSynd Feed Campaign to build social backlinks from multiple IPs. This is the innovative social media syndication system pioneered by Abbas Ravji of SociSynd.

The advantage of a SociSynd Feed Campaign in building diversified backlinks are:

1. Each of your feed would be pulled automatically into the system to build backlinks to your feeds. The auto part put you on auto pilot. You save time from adding posts as compare to Post Campaign.

2. If your blog has good numbers of posts, then it is ideal to add the feed in.

3. The feed campaign intention is not to get traffic directly but to build backlinks to build up your pagerank so that your site would acquire good authority rank to rank your posts well. Your posts would get higher rank when people search for your focused keyworld.

So it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, all feed campaign would be good.


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