SociSynd Social Signals for Local businesses

What are the right SociSynd Social Signals for Local businesses? Any suggestions as how many posts per campaign we should get each day for let’s say a local business? Local businesses are less incline to get more social signals than nationwide businesses so it won’t look too natural if we get to many posts for a local business. It’s is critical not to send any signals to Google that you are building backlinks unnaturally.

Whether your local business site is a new or old site, the rate of growth of your links should be natural. As you can see, there are no reference as to what constitute natural, some local businesses are huge some are small. Where is the reference point? I believe you need to be consistent and grow your links progressively. And it depends on how many posts you have in your site.

New site: Average 10 links/day/post for week 1 and increase progressively week by week. May be 15 links/day/post for week 2 and so on.


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