The Beginning of New Youtube Channel for Qin All Chinese

The fast pace beginning of my new Youtube channel for Qin All Chinese is getting me very excited. I realized that I am now so much faster to get this channel set up than before. It is really the good culmination of the many hours of experience that I gained for the past 4 years in internet marketing.

Website Basic Setup

I registered my new domain for on March 23,2014 with, the domain registry that I solely used. The site is hosted in, a hosting company that uses the Amazon huge server for speed and reliability.

On the first 2 days, I rudimentarily and quickly worked out all the basic pages, without content, for the website, like Home page, About page, Contact page, Terms and Conditions page, Privacy Policy page. The last 2 pages are standard pages that I reused, so they were set up completely ready.

The main website has 2 sub-directories: Blog and Website Building. Later I will add in another sub-directory called Store for my ecommerc


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