The Beginning of Qin Chinese Quotes: Driving Passions, Visions and Processes

It’s the beginning. I rekindle the deep intention that drives my passions, vision and work processes for Qin Chinese Quotes.

Qin Chinese Quotes Design and Branding Works. Medium Size Logo. Design Development A.Image size: 200x200px
This is my journal on the beginning of the thinking, design and work processes for the website building of Qin Chinese Quotes.

The ideas developed as I build the site and they are not linear but very fluid. Simple concepts begin and flow as I take actions. The simple concept forms into good concepts that you would not get it when you first started a project.

Massive imperfect actions really speed up the thinking and realization of the website building.

How Social Media Triggers The Birth of Qin Chinese Quotes

I was rather surprisingly intrigued by the recent discovery that there are so many Facebook sharing and likes for these category of images:

Animal behaviour that evoke human feeling
Beautiful images of landscapes.
Quotes about life


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