A Tribute to Karpal Singh 1940-2014

Veteran lawyer and prominent Malaysian politician Karpal Singh passed away in a car accident, along with his loyal longtime personal assistant Michael Cornelius, near Gua Tempurung, Perak, Malaysia on the North South Expressway in early hours of 1.30 am Thursday April 17, 2014,

The white Toyota Alphard MPV carrying Karpal Singh and four other people from Kuala Lumpur to Penang was involved in the collision with the lorry moving slowly ahead of it at a hilly stretch of the highway.

We pay tribute to the Malaysian iconic ‘Jelutong Tiger; with a gallery of pictures of him over the years.

Rest In Peace. My greatest respect and condolence to this great national patriot who devoted his entire life to fight for a just Malaysia for all the raves of Malaysia.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, who meant so much to us, was gone. A man filled with such vitality, brilliance and energy was no more. A leader who gave forth so much strength, vision and guidance had left us.


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