The Brutal Assault of Envy and Jealousy. How To Overcome?

“Envy or jealousy is a brutal assault upon oneself, because when you look at someone else and you want what they have then what you are saying is that what you do have is not good enough.” – Cameron Diaz
How to overcome envy and jealousy?

The quote by Cameron Diaz is poignant; she painted the reality, sensitivity and venerability of being truly human. We have feelings, emotions and at the same time our rational mind.

We can get envy and jealous of others achievement, success or natural endowment like beauty or wealth endowment by being the children of wealthy parents. It’s being natural as human beings.

How to overcome this emotional responses of envy and jealousy?

We have to understand that all people are different, born differently with only your parents’ heritage in terms of wealth, health and intellect. Yes, first born differently. Accept that and remind us constantly.

Next, your life path is totally unique and different. So, accept that.


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