Imagine A 45 Years Lapse: Valerie and Relatives Met Giap

The Delightful Gathering of Distant Relatives.

The last time I met Valerie Szto with her late mom, my China born third sister Wong Chooi Leng, was probably 45 years ago, Valerie was 4 and I was 16 in our family home in Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

Valerie’s dad Szto Win Keong was probably in Sandakan, Sabah. I don’t have any slightest traces of these in my memory, how terible! Valerie told me about that when we met.My childhood life wih my late third sister Wong Chooi Leng was from my birth in 1953 till I was 12 years old, probably. And at that time, we lived in Kampong Jawa, Butterworth. We had fond memory of our late mom Tang Chue Sin (1912-2009).

Now Coming Back To Paper N Pen

It was a rather quiet and lazy Saturday, March 29, 2014, for me and my wife Bee Bee; the weekly burstling Saturday farm market has been set up along the main road in front of our shop Paper N Pen.


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