The Facebook Page of Imageli: Images Empowering Lively Imagination.

The Imageli Facebook Page is the ideal and resourceful social hub to get updates on Imageli’s specialty on the application of perfect images, graphics, videos, infographic and branding for building a more visual orientated websites and social marketing postings.

Imageli Facebook Page is brand new, which I added on 09.05.14.
In one day, my newly added Facebook Page Imageli got 45 likes, more than the minimum 25 likes to qualify for a unique username for its web address and the 30 likes to qualify to get the Facebook Insights Statistics.

These are the 4 things that got me this 45 likes in one day:
1. I sent 57 personal Facebook invitations to my family members and friends
2. I added my new Facebook page to Get Me 25 self help Facebook group
3. Some of my good friends help me to get some likes by sharing.

It’s rather inspiring to get started on my Imageli Facebook Page with the first batch of 47 likes and I would go for the next target of my first 100 likes.


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