Timeline of iQin Website Building: Week 2 – 21.04.14 to 27.04.14

Set up iQin Pinterest Profile

As I worked intensely on building the website for my new domain iQin for the past 5 days, I began to consolidate my very assured idea that iQin would be my ultimate brand that would eventually tie up all my online entities with a clear and strong identity. Thus, it is inescapeable that I definitely need an anchoring Pinterest Profile as well that can enhance the brand identity of my ultimate brand iQin.

At first I was thinking of only using my current Qin All Chinese Pinterest Profile which I had added in May 2012 when I got to know Pinterest for the first time.

I added my Pinterest Profile for iQin on 21.04.14. The username that I ernestly wanted was iQin but unfortunately iQin and even Qin have already being taken.

I took iQin8 as my username, not perfect but I can’t really help it. Thus the profile is now http://www.pinterest.com/iQin8. It is the same username I got for the iQin Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/iQin8


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