Buddhist Mantras for Meditation and Chanting

Meditation mantras have the very special place today. Today is Wesak Day, 13.05.2014 and we celebrate the enlightenment of the Buddha. Buddhist mantras for meditation and chanting would enhance the ambient of the sacred day. We are recognizing the fantastic teacher Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC).

The Great Compassion Mantra: Meditation for Compassion

It was probably 2,500 years earlier, Gautama Buddha lastly discovered the global honest truths concerning the thoughts and minds of people. Gautama became a great educator. The fantastic teaching is called Buddhism.

Buddhism is not a faith, it is a teaching regarding ways to live well with our mind. You get the mind right, all else would be right. It is that simple.

I am pondering.

Just how could a teaching, produced 2,500 years back, can still be global and applicable now. Why the Buddha training can last as long?

The training is excellent, so great that it lasted so long and could be so global that it still apply now.



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