The First Branding and Design of imageli: Images Empowering Lively Imagination

The revival of Imageli is alive now with this first formulated concept, generally it’s rough in the beginning, and its associated draft tagline:

Imageli: ~~image~~lively~~imagination

Images, Graphics, Visual, Infographic, Videos, Branding. These are the niche areas for this revived site.

Imageli: Boosting Business with Pinterest Logo. Small Size Square Format. Image size: 100×100 px
I am reviving a one year old dormant site Imageli. Why reviving?

The trigger point must be this product that I bought on 30.04.14, the mammoth graphic package GFX Apocalypse that allows me to have a white label to the package. I can sell this. Then I gathered that since I am good at design and doing lots of website building, it is very sensible to go into this graphics niche. That’s how I suddenly recall my dormant Imageli domain. That’s how it triggered imageli. So exciting is my feeling.

The original Imageli site was added on 22.03.2013 to replace my site Pinterest Mastery.


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