The Branding and Design of Imageli: Visual Web Marketing. Design 3

This is the third set of branding and design works for Imageli: Visual Web Marketing.

As the Thesis WordPress Theme with the amazing Pearsonified Skin allow any number of website header design to be used for any web pages or posts, I want to make it with many designs that I can select for each of the web pages and posts.

The first and second design have predominate black as the key anchor colour. The third set of design would be different; I would use the warmness of sunlight as the dominating ambience.

The emphasis on light is highlighted with a photo with so many little sparkling lights that delight you. As in second design, the social media icons are used to define the focus of Imageli on visual web marketing.

This is the third design for the Imageli Website Header. You can feel the life, the warmness and sparkling vibrations. The tagline that emphsize the focus of this website is placed subtly with the right keywords of images, graphics, videos, infographics and brandin


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