Branding and Design of Qin Chinesse Art for Brand Identity

I documented the detailed branding and design development of my new domain which was registered on March 18,2014.

The definitive tagline is designed succinctly as Qin Chinese Art: The Qin Ancient and Modern Chinese Art.The Chinese character for Qin is 秦,the name of the first unified imperial Qin dynasty of China.

Probably the word China is derived from Qin, as Chin and Qin have the same phonetic sound. There is a Chinese script for Qin in the logo. The script form was that of the ancient Qin state at that time, where the modern version for Qin is developeed from it.

The following 3 medium sized square format branding logo banners are suitable to use for website images, blog post insertion, images insertion in the side bar of web site, blog or for the images used in Mind Maps.

The 200x200px banner is most suitable to be used as Facebook and Pinterest Profile images.

This Qin Chinese Art branding header is my favourite web banner design.


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