The Website Building Processes of Qin Chinese Quotes

This is the story of the beginning of the website building of Qin Chinese Quotes using WordPress and other online properties and tools

I was surprisingly intrigued by the discovery that there are so many Facebook sharing and likes for these group of images:
1. Animal behaviour that evoke human feeling
2. Beautiful images of landscapes.
3. Quotes about life and motivation

I have seen images of quotes being shared and liked for more than a thousand times. That’s excite me. That’s fantastic idea for good foundation of traffic generation and tribe building for my online biz.

Lately, I’ve been working on my Qin All Chinese niche. I have these websites set up: Qin All Chinese, Qin Chinese Art. I could extend more later on, all within the same niche. I have plans for Qin Chinese Architecture, Qin Chinese Furniture, Qin Chinatown.

And the huge sharing and liking for quotes strike me. I need a site for quotes. I have already owned Wall Decals Quotes but that is too confining.


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