Art of War: Be So Subtle That You Are Invisible – Imageli Quotes

Sun Tzu Art of War: Be so subtle that you are invisible. Be so mysterious that you are intangible. Then you will control your rivals’ fate.

“The Art of War” Sun Tzu.
This is pure gem by Dr. Bernard Yeo who authored the World’s First Human Profiling book, Know your Numbers. Know Yourself.which is based on his Universal Characteristics Method Of Human Profiling:
[No two person are the same.
Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true Wisdom.]

It’s great that Dr. Bernard Yeo continue and extend further the lines of thinking of great strategist like Sun Tzu’s quote:
Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy. Hundred Battles, Hundred Win.

This is the famous Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategy. Use Dr. Bernard Yeo Human Profiling can reveal who you are, plus your opponents.
So in order to stop other from knowing you, Sun Tzu put forward this brilliant strategy that military strategists use, especially the famous guerilla war strategy of Chairman Mao. General Giap of Vietnam.


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