Imageli Mind Mapping Template: The iQin Brands – Imageli Website Building

The Imageli Mind Mapping Template is a good productivity booster template to assemble and build mind map. The Mindmeister Mind Mapping Software is being used extensively to brainstorm, conceptualize, organize and build all of my iQin brand of websites.

MindMeister Mind Mapping Software has undoubtedly built a solid reputation as the world’s leading online collaboration and mind mapping tool. Mindmeister has over 2 million users worldwide, thus confirming Mindmeister solid credibility as the leading mind mapping tool.

The Imageli Mind Mapping Template

In this mind mapping template, all of iQin branded websites are organized and displayed clearly. Each of the website has been uploaded with its logo of size ranging from 100x100px to 200x200px. The website name and its logo can thus be copied and pasted into any new mind map. This assembly would speed up the building of my mind maps for each of myiQin branded websites.

The iQin Brands

iQin: Publishing, eCommerce and Internet


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