Productivity Boosting WordPress Templates for The Text-based WordPress Navigation Bar

I can productively copy the wordpress navigation menu with the required links coded with HTML codes and paste into the right part of any of my working web pages and posts which are also prepared in the Dreamweaver visual web editor.

Imageli Site Navigation. Link landing is set in the HTML codes as Target=”_self”

Target=”_self” is used for these reasons:

Landing target is set as self when the links are generally in the same topic.

These wordpress navigation links are set with the landing target as self (target=”_self”), meaning that the new link would open the linked wordpress page/post in the same browser window and not a new window.

When linked page/post from the same website is opened in the same browser window, Google would consider the bounce rate as low which is a good factor for better search engine ranking. However, if the linked page/post is not from the same website, then Google would consider it as high bounce rate, a negative factor for SEO.

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