Loveseats For Small Spaces: Space Saving Small Sofas for Small Spaces – JenSocial: Social Web Directory and Ning Tips

Guide to Sofas Measurements
Small Scale Sofas: 72 inches or smaller sized dimension
Loveseats: 50-63 inches or smaller sized dimension
AHalfs and chairs: 59 inches or smaller size
Settees: 49 inches or smaller size

In general, most loveseats ranged from 63 inches or smaller. You may consider loveseats with few contours and with clean, straight and simple forms and lines. Another good idea to consider is seat by applying straight arm or no arms can seat 3 instead of 2.
Loveseats by applying legs remaining visible underneath the loveseat would visually appear spacious instead of the large appearance. Seat by applying noticeable legs are not covered by upholstered flaps.

A great concept for tiny spaces is the twin useful furnishings like sleeper sofas, sleeper loveseats. The settee seat is entirely various from the S-shaped seat. In tiny rooms where it is tough to fit in a 3 seater sofa by applying 2 chairs, a good option is the combo of a 3 seater sofa and also a 2 seater sett

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