The Living Room Sofas for Space Constrained Spaces: Loveseats For Small Spaces – Net Millionaires Club

There are three most popular styles of loveseats.

1. S-shaped Loveseat
This is the first real original loveseat that rendered characteristically the 2 seater sofa its popular name, loveseat. The S-shaped loveseat is made of 2 seats joined together and faced each other in other direction in a s form.

For this reason when 2 people seat in the S-shaped loveseat, they are facing each other and yet close enough to kiss, hug or touch each other. That’s exactly how the name loveseat derived.

This is the only true loveseat. The rear of the seat is cleverly shaped as an S as an alternative of the straight form as in the common seating. The back of the individuals who rest on it would support in the S curve. This smart seats position would enable intimate discussion for 2 people and also at the very same time, individuals have their own different seat.

2. Settee Loveseat
This evolved from the conventional S-shape loveseat which first showed up in the 1700’s.


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