Website Building Progress: The Beginning of QuotesLuv: Inspiring Quotes for Life. Week 1 Part 1

This Site Build Progress category would focus on the website building progress of my new domain I will write on the progress, steps, action taken, the thinking behind the steps, tips and notes to make the category really useful for people who may need the knowledge and skills to build a WordPress website.

I started Wall Decals Quotes, a website focuses on sale of wall decals products from, on July 11 2013. I am getting quite a good consistent sales of the products as an affiliate of The transaction values are low, from $5 to $29, but the consistency adds to the final sales volume.

Most of the traffic were from the Google search engines. With so many of the devastating Google algorithm chnages from the Panquin to Panda updates, my traffic keep on changing. I want to get more diversify traffic from other sources like Facebook and Pinterest.

In Facebook, I discovered that some categories of topics would get lots of sharing. Quotes is one of


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