Site Build Progress: The Beginning of Penang Chinese. Week 1 Part 1 | Website Building

I think I have really good passions about Penang, as this being my home town state. The Chinese Diaspora lingering have always being play out in many stages of my life, especially at this older stage of my life at 61.

Thus, topics on Penang and Chinese are my 2 passions. I have been always posting about Penang in Qin All Chinese Facebook Page as my interests. I have been pondering about starting a new website on Penang and I love this domain name: PenangLuv. As I know, focus and concentration of my website works are important, so I have been pondering and have not decided to begin PenangLuv.

There must be a way to rekindle my passions about Penang and Chinese.

Now another issue always bug me. I have many websites, resulting in loss of power due to lack of concentration. All the websies seem difficult to rank and get authority status.

I need a strategy in how to consolidate all the websites.
The consolidation lead to this new idea.

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