The Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

The Highly Productive Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

This Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes is for my daily bookmarking of discovered web pages from social sites & websites. Later, I re-pinned these to the right Pinterest Boards. This Daily Web Notes Boards are my research sources. With these Boards, I can work at my pace & be well organized for social postings or adding new web posts. QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self


Bai Xue Qiao: The Anti-Japanese Oversea Chinese Fighter from Penang, Malaya

Bai Xue Qiao, who passed away recently in 2014, was one of 4 women from a contingent of 3,200 Overseas Chinese volunteers from Malaya who set sail to China to join the anti-Japanese war in China on 18.05.1939.

These Overseas Chinese volunteers set sail from the Penang port.
At the end of the Chinese Japanese war, 1,000 of them vanished, 1,000 of them stayed back in China and the rest, about 1,200 returned to Malaya.

The Second World War in Malaya from 1941-1945 was a time of darkness and despair – where innocent lives were lost and blood ran freely. The Japanese rule with an iron hand, slaughtering tens of thousands of Chinese citizens. They force young women to work as sex slaves, or ‘comfort women’ and trick others into working on the notorious ‘Death Railway’.

The people of Malaya struggle for survival. When the Japanese surrender in 1945, Malaya plunges into a period of turmoil that brings it to the brink of civil war. But amidst the fire and ruins, sparks of resilience.

WordPress Templates: QuotesLuv Quotes Templates for Paulo Coelho Love Quotes – Website BuildingWebsite Building

These WordPress quotes templates for QuotesLuv’s quotes are prepared with Adode Illutrator and Photoshop for the image and Dreamweaver for full web page with HTML codes. I can conveniently and productively use these WordPress quotes templates with full HTML codes for the followings:

1. I can see and review clearly in full size each of the Paulo Coelho quotes in one convenient location. This helps me in any further actions effectively.

2. To compose various QuotesLuv’s articles on Paulo Coelho or other related topics by copy and paste the full HTML codes selectively. This is highly productive and saves lots of time.

3. To compose Facebook postings as photos with some description and link in the text. The required image is selected with the right click of the mouse and select “Copy Image URL”. This is easy and convenient.

4. To post comment in Facebook newsfeed with photos. The required image is selected with the right click of the mouse and select “Copy Image URL”.

Site Build Progress: The Beginning of Penang Chinese. Week 1 Part 1 | Website Building

I think I have really good passions about Penang, as this being my home town state. The Chinese Diaspora lingering have always being play out in many stages of my life, especially at this older stage of my life at 61.

Thus, topics on Penang and Chinese are my 2 passions. I have been always posting about Penang in Qin All Chinese Facebook Page as my interests. I have been pondering about starting a new website on Penang and I love this domain name: PenangLuv. As I know, focus and concentration of my website works are important, so I have been pondering and have not decided to begin PenangLuv.

There must be a way to rekindle my passions about Penang and Chinese.

Now another issue always bug me. I have many websites, resulting in loss of power due to lack of concentration. All the websies seem difficult to rank and get authority status.

I need a strategy in how to consolidate all the websites.
The consolidation lead to this new idea.

Long Tail Keyword Research for The Keyword Website Logo Design. Site Build WordPress for QuotesLuv

This long tail keyword research is focused on the keyword “Website Logo Design”.

Basically you need to consider the 3 key standard metrics for success in long tail keyword research and content research. The standard metrics for the required site content and critical long tail keyword research for the keyword “Website Logo Design” is shown effectively in this article.

The Three Standard Metrics for Long Tail Keyword Research

There must be really sufficient search volumes for the targeted keyword. The minimum search volumes from all the popular search engines for the targeted keywords “Website Logo Design” are essential to ensure your website is successful commercially. The relative competition of the required search terms for the keywords “Website Logo Design” is shown explicitly and clearly in this article.

In building the required contents for this quotes focused website QuotesLuv, the critical long tail keyword research is definitely the essential first step that you ne

Long Tail Keyword Research for The Keyword Branding Logo Design. Site Build WordPress for QuotesLuv

QuotesLuv is my new website that is taking a new keyword research approach that I have been traditionally taken. I am now more convince on long tail keyword research than ever. Thus in this new strategy, I embark on the long tail keyword research as an important starting point of creating any web pages that you want them to be successful in web discoverability.

QuotesLuv and Site Build WordPress

The is a focused website that provides inspiring quotes for leading a meaningful and abundant life. The QuotesLuv’s subdomain SiteBuildWordpress is focused on the website building processes of building up QuotesLuv. The platform is WordPress and the WordPress Theme for both websites use Pro Styler Theme.

Site Build WordPress
Mastering Website Building with WordPress for QuotesLuv

Long Tail Keyword Research for “Website Logo Design”

This long tail keyword research is focused on the keyword “Website Logo Design”.