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PenangLuv : I Love Penang. This Pinterest Profile is all about the lovely Penang, Malaysia

PenangLuv Pinterest Profile: I Love Penang. Do you?
Penang is my lovely hometown. This website is all about the lovely Penang, a northern state of Malaysia. George Town Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On 7 July 2008, George Town was, together with Malacca, formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia.

One of the key focus of PenangLuv is about the Penang Chinese. It is about the story of the Chinese Diaspora in Penang throughout the long history of Penang. The Penang Chinese have very strong impact and influence over the development of Penang. You would see these topics that would progressively covered: Penang Chinese Art, Furniture, Design Architecture, Urbanity, History, Culture, Strategy, Lifestyle & Web.

The topic of Chinese Diaspora is currently one of the interesting subject with the return of China as a world superpow


The Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

The Highly Productive Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

This Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes is for my daily bookmarking of discovered web pages from social sites & websites. Later, I re-pinned these to the right Pinterest Boards. This Daily Web Notes Boards are my research sources. With these Boards, I can work at my pace & be well organized for social postings or adding new web posts. QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self

Using Decorating Small Spaces Pinterest Profile To Leverage Social Media for Targeted Traffic and Conversion

I have set up a new Pinterest business account for DecoratingSmallSpaces.co with the unique url as http://www.pinterest.com/decosmallspaces/

This Pinterest account is named Decorating Small Spaces, matching exactly with my domain name to make coherent branding work.

I wanted to get the Pinterest username that uses my primary keywords Decorating Small Spaces. The closest match is decorsmallspace as the maximum characters allows is only 15. However this username has already taken. I get the closest as decosmallspaces.

I created a series of Pinterest Boards to match the keywords that I have selected for my site’s pages for SEO reason. It matches with the website silo structured keywords.

These are the keyword focused Pinterest boards for my new Pinterest account:

Decorating Small Spaces

The interesting Pinterest Profile of Imageli: remarkable Visual internet advertising. Improving visual possessions with pictures, graphics, infographics and video clips

How you can utilize the arising trends of using more aesthetic assets to enhance your advertising and marketing.

The coming marketing advantage of aesthetic web advertising and marketing to enhance online advertising and marketing and branding.

The recent shift in social networks has actually obviously come to be much more visually-based. How would certainly you embrace these altering social networks trends to increase your brand name understanding and increase your marketing effort?

These are a few of the reliable visual media advertising that you could adopt. You could develop a lot more aesthetic material that can engagement the customers in the social media sites networks. You can additionally crowd source visual content using your material Another appealing approach is using visual media to showcase your story.

Discover the fascinating Pinterest Profile of exclusively concentrated Decorating Small Spaces

You can find outstanding collections of pictures videos and concepts at Pinterest Profile of Decorating Small Spaces: Small Space. Large Style.

The Pinterest Profile has all the imaginative solutions on ways to produce big influence with design in your little spaces. Get the ideal state of mind to develop huge style impact for little rooms. Allow’s live an abundantly complete life in tiny areas.

Merely check out some of the innovative and creative ideas of folks challenging the restrictions of tiny spaces. Change your frame of mind, change your routine and deal with big impact in small rooms. Acquire more stimulating inspirations and imaginative options for tiny areas at Decorating Small Spaces: Small Space. Huge Style.

You can utilize furnishings, mirrors, floor covering, storage and good habit to accomplish your objective. Live completely in your small spaces, approve no mediocrity.

Decorating Small Spaces on Pinterest

Decorating small spaces is a big difficulty. It is hard to decorate all your living areas as a whole and it is remarkably hard to take on all the design components connected with small rooms.

And for numerous people that could not manage to reside in the bigger large residential properties, you need to stay in little areas and approve the difficulty of taking full advantage of all the rooms.

You have to organize all your things properly. You have to have excellent storage space solutions. You have to make use of the right space planning strategies and colour to visually make the small spaces look big. You should very carefully choose your furniture that job well in tiny rooms. Double responsibility furnishings or areas are excellent options.

Small room designing is a genuine difficulty. Obtain all the tips and sources on how to make huge influence on tiny spaces. You need to utilize the right area preparation procedures and color to aesthetically make the tiny areas look huge.

The Pinterest Profile of Imageli: Visual Web Marketing. Boosting Visual assets with images, graphics, infographics and videos

Imageli Visual Web Marketing focuses on tools and resources to boost web marketing with the right visual assets such as images, infographics, slideshows and videos.

The web has progressively developed from the basic static text-based format to the user interactive Web 2.0. Now the next exciting stage of visual has began.

The web has become very visual; there are proliferation of enriched content with lots of images, pictures, inforgraphics and videos.

The social media like Pinterest and Instagram are very visual in orientation. Users in the social media like Facebook, and even Twitter now use lots of visual elements to get engagement and interaction with one another.

The online world is getting very visual.

These are the exciting facts on why visual is getting the rage now:

Human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text.
Web posts with visuals drive up 180% more engagement than those without.
Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos.