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The Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

The Highly Productive Visual Research Tool using QuotesLuv Pinterest Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes

This Board: 46. QuotesLuv Daily Web Notes is for my daily bookmarking of discovered web pages from social sites & websites. Later, I re-pinned these to the right Pinterest Boards. This Daily Web Notes Boards are my research sources. With these Boards, I can work at my pace & be well organized for social postings or adding new web posts. QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self

WordPress Templates: QuotesLuv Quotes Templates for Paulo Coelho Love Quotes – Website BuildingWebsite Building

These WordPress quotes templates for QuotesLuv’s quotes are prepared with Adode Illutrator and Photoshop for the image and Dreamweaver for full web page with HTML codes. I can conveniently and productively use these WordPress quotes templates with full HTML codes for the followings:

1. I can see and review clearly in full size each of the Paulo Coelho quotes in one convenient location. This helps me in any further actions effectively.

2. To compose various QuotesLuv’s articles on Paulo Coelho or other related topics by copy and paste the full HTML codes selectively. This is highly productive and saves lots of time.

3. To compose Facebook postings as photos with some description and link in the text. The required image is selected with the right click of the mouse and select “Copy Image URL”. This is easy and convenient.

4. To post comment in Facebook newsfeed with photos. The required image is selected with the right click of the mouse and select “Copy Image URL”.

Facebook Page of QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self

Facebook Page of QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self.
The quotes are focused on insightful quotes to build yourself into high performance and super effective self. The topics are concentrated on Mind, Health, Joy, Productivity, Learning, Strategy and Wealth.

We post regularly on the focused topics, intersperse with some entertaining videos and fun images to recharge you after a hard day work.

Starting a new Facebook Page?
Need more ideas? May be you can see my approach in designing the Facebook Profile picture and the blending with the Facebook Cover design. The Facebook Profile picture is the logo for the website too.

The right size of image for social postings is ideally set at 1280x720px and would appear big in Facebook posting. Another great size is the square format 720x720px.

Website Building Progress: The Beginning of QuotesLuv: Inspiring Quotes for Life. Week 1 Part 1

This Site Build Progress category would focus on the website building progress of my new domain QuotesLuv.com. I will write on the progress, steps, action taken, the thinking behind the steps, tips and notes to make the category really useful for people who may need the knowledge and skills to build a WordPress website.

I started Wall Decals Quotes, a website focuses on sale of wall decals products from Amazon.com, on July 11 2013. I am getting quite a good consistent sales of the products as an affiliate of Amazon.com. The transaction values are low, from $5 to $29, but the consistency adds to the final sales volume.

Most of the traffic were from the Google search engines. With so many of the devastating Google algorithm chnages from the Panquin to Panda updates, my traffic keep on changing. I want to get more diversify traffic from other sources like Facebook and Pinterest.

In Facebook, I discovered that some categories of topics would get lots of sharing. Quotes is one of