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Old Chinese Songs: The Classic Song of Four Seasons Sung by Zhou Xuan is revived in the Zhou Xuan 50th Anniversary

The 3 Classic: Song of Four Seasons. 四季歌
The Song of Four Season is a song originally sung by 周璇 Zhou Xuan and featured in the 1937 movie 《马路天使》Street Angel. In the movie, Zhou Xuan who was barely 18 at that time, played the part of 小红 Xiao Hong, a young girl who had to follow her exploitative father on his rounds of teahouses to sing for a living.

The father accompanied her singing on an《二胡》Erhu, the Chinese instrument featured in this video. In the movie, she had an elder sister with a heart of gold who was also exploited by the greedy parents and was made to ‘walk the streets’ (figuratively), having been forced into the oldest profession in the world; thus came the movie’s title, Street Angel.

In Zhou Xuan’s times, a movie is sometimes just a convenient vehicle to showcase new songs from potentially popular actors/singers. This song had little to do with the main storyline and depicts the longing and thoughts of a girl for her distant lover through the 4 seasons, from 《春》Sp