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Old Chinese Songs: The Classic Song of Four Seasons Sung by Zhou Xuan is revived in the Zhou Xuan 50th Anniversary

The 3 Classic: Song of Four Seasons. 四季歌
The Song of Four Season is a song originally sung by 周璇 Zhou Xuan and featured in the 1937 movie 《马路天使》Street Angel. In the movie, Zhou Xuan who was barely 18 at that time, played the part of 小红 Xiao Hong, a young girl who had to follow her exploitative father on his rounds of teahouses to sing for a living.

The father accompanied her singing on an《二胡》Erhu, the Chinese instrument featured in this video. In the movie, she had an elder sister with a heart of gold who was also exploited by the greedy parents and was made to ‘walk the streets’ (figuratively), having been forced into the oldest profession in the world; thus came the movie’s title, Street Angel.

In Zhou Xuan’s times, a movie is sometimes just a convenient vehicle to showcase new songs from potentially popular actors/singers. This song had little to do with the main storyline and depicts the longing and thoughts of a girl for her distant lover through the 4 seasons, from 《春》Sp

Chinese Old Songs: The Popular Classic Wandering Songstress by Song Zuying

The outstanding Chinese soprano singer Song Zuying sings the popular Chinese classic song Wandering Songstress. This is one of the most popular Chinese Old songs.
The outstanding Chinese soprano singer Song Zuying 宋祖英 – 天涯歌女 sings the popular Chinese classic song Wandering Songstress made popular by Zhou Xuan in 1937.
Zhou Xuan – The Wandering Songstress 1937
Zhou Xuan (周璇), her favourite film was always Street Angel in 1937 (馬路天使). This contained two theme songs: “Four Seasons Song” (四季歌) and “The Wandering Songstress” (天涯歌女) which enjoyed long-lasting popularity.

Bai Xue Qiao: The Anti-Japanese Oversea Chinese Fighter from Penang, Malaya. 1939. YouTube Video

Bai Xue Qiao, who passed away recently in 2014, was one of 4 women from a contingent of 3,200 Overseas Chinese volunteers from Malaya who set sail to China to join the anti-Japanese war in China on 18.05.1939.

The Second Sino-Japanese War (July 7, 1937 – September 9, 1945), so named due to the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894–95, was a military conflict fought primarily between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan from 1937 to 1941. China fought Japan, with some economic help from Germany (see Sino-German cooperation until 1941), the Soviet Union (see Soviet Volunteer Group) and the United States (see American Volunteer Group).

These Overseas Chinese volunteers set sail from the Penang port.
At the end of the Chinese Japanese war, 1,000 of them vanished, 1,000 of them stayed back in China and the rest, about 1,200 returned to Malaya.

The Japanese Invasion of Malaya began just after midnight on 8 December 1941 before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

PenangLuv : I Love Penang. This Pinterest Profile is all about the lovely Penang, Malaysia

PenangLuv Pinterest Profile: I Love Penang. Do you?
Penang is my lovely hometown. This website is all about the lovely Penang, a northern state of Malaysia. George Town Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On 7 July 2008, George Town was, together with Malacca, formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia.

One of the key focus of PenangLuv is about the Penang Chinese. It is about the story of the Chinese Diaspora in Penang throughout the long history of Penang. The Penang Chinese have very strong impact and influence over the development of Penang. You would see these topics that would progressively covered: Penang Chinese Art, Furniture, Design Architecture, Urbanity, History, Culture, Strategy, Lifestyle & Web.

The topic of Chinese Diaspora is currently one of the interesting subject with the return of China as a world superpow

Get Me 25: How To Get More Likes on Facebook Business Page

Get Me 25: How To Get More Likes on Facebook Business Page

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Get Me 25: How To Get More Likes on Facebook Business Page

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My Highly Productive Visual Research Tool using PenangLuv Pinterest Board: 47. PenangLuv Daily Web Notes

PenangLuv Pinterest Board 47. PenangLuv Daily Web Notes
This PenangLuv Pinerest Board: 47. PenangLuv Daily Web Notes is for my daily bookmarking of discovered web pages from social sites & websites on all topics related to my new website Penang Chinese.

Later, I re-pinned these to the right Pinterest Boards in PenangLuv. This Daily Web Notes Boards are one of my systems on research sources. With these Boards, I can work at my pace , at the right time and with the right frame of mind. I can focus very well on the tasks.

This way would allow me to be well organized for social postings or adding new web posts.

Have A Great Day


The 6 Deeply Intuitive Love Quotes of Paulo Coelho. . .QuotesLuv: Quotes for Super Self

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist was the fifth most read book in the world of the past fifty years. There are some very intuitive love quotes from that book that you can simply enjoy and relish about love, past and present.

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in the year 1988. Originally written in Portuguese by its Brazilian-born author, it has been translated into at least 56 languages.

These are the 6 very intuitive, and speak from the heart kind of love quotes by Paulo Coelho:

“If You Love Someone You Must Be Prepared To Set Them Free”

“Kiss Slowly Laugh Insanely Live Truly and Forgive Quickly”

“Love Can Consign Us To Hell or To Paradise But It Always Takes Us Somewhere”

“One Is Loved Because One Is Loved. No Reason Is Needed For Loving”

“So I Love You Because The Entire Universe Conspired To Help Me Find You”

“You Will Never Be Able To Escape From Your Heart. So It Is Better To Listen To What It Has To Say”